Vanessa – Our Newest Team Member!

With the recent changes in our business, we’ve had to expand… A lot! By expand, I don’t just mean our new showroom, three new trucks, and machine that makes chain link fences (honestly, I don’t know the name – lol). I mean we’ve increase our work family by five people! To a lot of people, that may not seem like a lot but all business owners know that’s a huge increase. If you think that they are making at least $40k per year, that’s an extra $200,000 in payroll – wowza! Of course, we’ve merged with Halls Fence, which has lessened the financial blow.

I’m getting a little off-track writing this, let me reel myself back in. I’m just excited to announce that my niece, Vanessa, has joined our team! She recently graduated from Rutgers with a degree in Marketing & Communications and will be helping us with market the newly merged business. Not only am I excited, but also relieved. You see, before the merger, I was the one running the show in terms of marketing everything. Now, I like to consider myself tech-savvy but having to juggle Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, our email list, commercials, and more was too much. I was putting in eleven hour days and feeling like still nothing was getting done. Now that Vanessa is on our team, I can finally step back and hand the reigns off to her. This also comes at the perfect time, since I’ll be taking a few weeks off for my vacation to Europe soon (yay!).

I’ll give you a brief little synopsis of what Vanessa will be doing…

Since we’ve increased our product line, we’ve been trying to think of ways to market all the new types of fencing we carry. This can be tough since when people think “new fence”, pictures of split rail fences, wood fences or vinyl fencing usually pop in their head. With the recent advancements in plastics (PVC/vinyl) and wood treatment, the amount and quality of fence products have skyrocketed. Two to three years ago, we were unable to install wood fences around pools. We¬†had to install a specific vinyl pool fence because the chlorine would literally erode anything else. This is due to the way the plastic is treated with specific chemicals that not only protect it but also don’t seep into the ground and destroy your grass, flowers, etc. At the most recent fence trade show we went to, we were introduced to a new type of wood fence that has specific chemicals literally injected in them before being pressurized and treated again, making it indestructible (when it comes to chlorine). The guy running the booth showed a side-by-side comparison of a regular wood fence and the treated fence after two months of being exposed to chlorine and the results were astonishing…

So, Vanessa and I have been working on reaching out to pool companies to try to market our product wholesale (since we became a supplier almost instantly after seeing the video at the trade show – lol). It’s been tough but we came up with a great outreach program using email, social media, and our network of current buyers.

I’m so proud to see her all grown up, doing what she loves :). I can still remember when she was born but, I wont embarrass her because I know she periodically reads my blog!