Update: The Vacation

Wow, what an amazing experience. Even though there were a few “speed bumps”, our trip was great!

It all began on a slightly chilly morning. Our bags were packed, passports in hand, but taxi was no where in sight. Apparently they had miss-booked us. Of course, I went into a melt-down thinking we were going to miss our trip but John stayed calm (he always keeps me grounded). We were eventually able to book another taxi service, putting us only 30 minutes behind. Once we got to the airport, it was a fairly straight forward process. Being 4:30am, no one was there and there were no lines. My adrenaline was already pumping (even though I hadn’t slept) so I was wide awake.

The plane ride was a bit bumpy as we hit some turbulence but I had a few glasses of wine and fell asleep around 8:30am (technically night time in Italy, so it’s okay). We arrived early in the morning and began our day as soon as our bags were in our room.

My absolute favorite spot we visited was the coliseum (below).



When you actually get near it, you can feel the history come to life. It was a very strange feeling.

In all, it was a very relaxing, romantic vacation that John and I need badly. Although, it is great to be back to work and see the family again.

I will be uploading more pictures of the trip in the coming weeks! Just have to figure out my new camera – ahhh!