Summer is Almost Here & Vacation Update

europe-vacationYes, that’s right, summer is almost here in the great Garden State. We’ve finally made our way through one of the coldest winters and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (the warm, warm light – haha).

Summer is my favorite season, and for good reason – everyone in our family has their birthday in the summer! Mine is on July 15th and John and I are going on a second honeymoon to Europe! So excited for this, because since he took over his fathers business, we haven’t taken one vacation :(. He’s leaving the business with his partner over at Halls FenceĀ for three weeks and we’re traveling all over France and Italy.

Since my fathers side of the family is French, I looked up some old relatives and we’ll be visiting them as well. We’re still planning things but the tickets are booked, now it’s just down to finalizing the details of what tourist stuff we’re going to do.