Now that the holiday season is here and Christmas is right around the corner, it is the perfect time to create new splendid memories. New York is one of the places where during this season it seems every street is decorated in red and white and celebrating the holidays.

For people visiting for the holidays, including those visiting from Jersey on a day trip, one of the best ways to get around in comfort and see all the pretty sites is with a limo or party bus tour.

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink and Observation Deck

Here, you get to have a ninety minutes skating session for the rink at Rockefeller center. Doors are open to the public from 8:30 am. With the VIP option, after skating you get admission to top of the rock. You also get to bypass queues, get beverages and freshly baked cookies.

New York botanical garden

This is a place that is guaranteed to leave an impact on both the young and the old. You get to be entertained with an enchanting holiday train show, whereby model trains goes through a display of 150 landmarks each re-created with barks, leaves and other natural materials.

This year’s exhibition showcases midtown Manhattan’s skyscrapers and other different forms of architecture, showcasing the Empire State building, General Electric building and St Bartholomew’s church. It is advisable to always book in advance though since the tickets are often sold out.

Serendipity Bakery

For a chance to re-create your movie fantasy and enjoy delicious ice cream and desert, You can visit serendipity which has been the scene of several films including the movie it’s named after serendipity.

Union square holiday market. With more than 100 red and white booths, Union square holiday market has local artisan vendors selling handcrafted items from artwork to jewelry to various varieties of foods and beverages. It is a good place to visit when on the party bus tour.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Each year, masses of people visit the Brooklyn nabe to witness some extraordinary Christmas lights. There are plenty of houses lit up in amazing displays of lights, moving figures, sound effects and fountains. The views are so spectacular that it’s hard to notice how fast time flies as you walk down the streets. If you plan on visiting, make sure you are warm and have good shoes with you because the lights go on for quite a distance.

Metropolitan Museum of art.

Mostly known as the met, the metropolitan museum of art is the largest art museum in the United States. With so many exhibitions and some of the greatest art in the world, the met visit is an experience you would not want to miss.

Wollman Rink, Central Park

This is a public ice rink in central park. If you are a home alone 2 fan, this is a place you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting during your bus tour. It is quite an awesome skating experience with some good music playing. And if you don’t have your skaters with you, it’s no worries since you can always hire.