My Skin Care Routine Plus Bonus Secrets I Use To Keep My Skin Looking Healthy

I don’t like to toot my own horn but I am almost always asked how I keep my skin so clear.

Although a bit of it is makeup magic, 99% is the healthy lifestyle that I live and keeping up with a routine. Everyone is built differently – some people have extremely oily skin, others have extremely dry skin, some peoples skin type changes drastically during the colder or warmer months. For this reason, not everyone can use the same skin regimen.

Today I’m going to walk you through how to figure out your skin type and which regimen is best for you!

Let’s do it…

Figuring Out Your Skin Type

There’s a lot to consider when figuring out your skin type:

  • Genetic background
  • Hormones
  • Lifestyle
  • Medications
  • Pollution
  • Environment

All of these things and more contribute to your skin type.

The best way to distinguish whether you have “oily”, “dry”, or “combination” skin is a neat little trick that a dermatologist friend of mine taught me. It seems simple, but it works. Go to the sink and splash warm water on your face a few times. Now pat dry with a towel. For an hour, try to stay in a room temperature area with not too much humidity. Oh, and make sure you don’t touch your skin for sixty minutes. After an hour, go to your mirror and check out your face, primarily your “T-Zone” (forehead and nose).

What does it look like?

If your t-zone is completely oily, this means you have oily skin. If your t-zone is completely dry, this means you have dry skin. If your t-zone is only slightly oily (or only oily in one or two areas), this means you have combination skin.

Yep, the test is simple but it helps determine the best skin products and regimen for you on a daily basis.

Figuring Out Your Skin Regimen

Okay, now it gets a bit harder.

Everyone and there mother claims to have the best regimen. Why? This is because it takes time to experiment with what works for your body.

The pros (estheticians, cosmetologists, and beauty experts) all agree that it is important to care for your face directly after you wake up and right before bed. Directly before bed because your body produces much more oil when you are asleep. This is because oil acts as a natural barrier and helps speed up the skin healing process. Right before bed because you want to wash away all of the invisible dirt, grim, and pollution that is on your skin. Plus, if you’re a girl, you’ll want to make sure that all of your makeup is off before hitting the sack.

The Skin Regimen That Works For Me

Since I have combination skin that changes slightly in the summer and winter, I am constantly switching up my routine but for the past few years I have found one that has worked consistently time and time again. Some people say that your skin “gets used to” the product you’re using and it starts not working but I think that’s a myth.


When I wake up, I take a warm shower and use a non-irritating cleanser to get off all of the oil on my skin that formed while I was sleeping. My little tip is after taking a shower is that I splash cold water in my face. This is for two reasons… First, it closes my pores that were opened from the warm water. Second, it wakes me up :). What I like to do after that is use a toner on spots where I know I am prone to get more oil built-up (forehead). I like to use a spray toner and cotton balls to “dab” the toner on. This helps you really target the bad spots instead of spraying and praying (as I like to say). Once the toner is dry, I use a moisturizer. This helps keep my skin from getting too dry during the colder months and prevents a barrier between my pores and gross sweat, bacteria, and more.

Before Bed

Right before bed, I use a special cleanser to get off all the dirt, bacteria, and makeup on me. Every week or so I will use a mask to pull out any unwanted zits. I also use a special cleanser scrub every other day to remove old skin, making room for new, younger looking skin. My super secret tip for my night routine is that I change my pillow case every other night. It sounds pretty crazy but it has helped keep my skin clear for years now. I once read an article that your pillow, if not changed for over a month, has almost as much bacteria on it as your toilet seat! That scared me straight. Think about it though, it makes sense. We let out pets on the bed, we drool on your pillows, sometimes they even fall on the ground.

My Favorite Skin Care Products

Obviously, when it comes to skin care, you get what you pay for. If you pick up store brand moisturizer for $2, your skin is going to look like $2. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is.

The products that you put on your face are extremely important, as the ingredients could make your skin look worse. Trust me, for years I was using store brand moisturizer and not seeing any results. When I finally made the switch to the “luxury” brand, it was night and day.

Below are a few of my favorite products…

Gel Nettoyant By Yon-Ka


By far the best product for getting makeup off your face before you go to bed. I use this one almost every day.

Lotion PG By Yon-Ka


By now you can probably tell I love Yon-Ka products. Their spray toner is one of the best I’ve used, plus it smells amazing. Half the time when I wear it, people ask what perfume I’m wearing when I’m not even wearing perfume!

These products are hard to come by because they are very exclusive. I even have to beg my esthetician friend to put some aside when she gets them in because they will usually sell out before I have a chance to go in and buy one.

If you want to order them online, they have some products at (I’ve used them before and they’re reliable).

Health & Nutrition

Besides having a good routine and using the best products, healthy eating is a must. Ever since I started eating more fruits and vegetables, I noticed my skin start to “glow” without even wearing makeup. This is because the right fruits actually work to improve your complexion.

I found a great little infographic resource below…

Source: Yon-Ka Skin Care

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