Our Kitchen Remodeling Experience

Kitchen Remodel

When my husband and I start a project in our home, it always turns out to be bigger than we thought. And that’s exactly what happened with our kitchen remodel.

What we thought would be just new kitchen cabinets actually turned into a full remodel/renovation (new cabinets, countertops, faucets, etc). So it went from a three day project to a two week project.

As frustrating as it was at some times, it was also a big learning experience for us. Even though John (my husband) is a big handy man and usually takes over these kinds of projects, he decided to leave it to the professionals this time and hire the fine folks over at kitchenbuilders.net. They were absulutely delightful throughout the entire remodeling process. In fact, when we decided to switch from just having them install kitchen cabinets and countertops, to a full remodel, they were completely okay with it. I’m sure they were also happy that it ended up being more money, haha.

I’m writing this post today to outline the top three things I learned remodeling our kitchen (and what you should know too).


1. Cheaper isn’t always better.

When we first asked around, looking for kitchen cabinets, we were told by friends and family to order them online and have a contractor come to install them. Usually when you order them online you can find them for dirt cheap (probably because they’re made overseas). We decided against this because we have had a lot of issues ordering overseas for big home improvement projects.

After finding KitchenBuilders.net, they let us know they had a giant selection of kitchen cabinets to choose from. We were pretty blown away. You’ll even see on their site that they have a section for “cheap” kitchen cabinets. While we didn’t end up going with the cheaper version (we wanted to match the style with our current kitchen color/feel) they offered pretty nice financing options.

2. Look for kitchen inspiration online.

John and I thought we could design the kitchen from scratch. We designed our bedroom and living room with the help of Restoration Hardware but a kitchen is much different. For a kitchen design you have to consider how all of the big appliances are going to look with your color scheme, cabinet style, etc. We were absolutely stumped before we even got started.

What we did instead was “borrow” some designs we liked from different places on line. Below are some amazing resources for finding kitchen design inspiration…

At this point in the process we were only looking for cabinets. This is when I started to think, “oh, we should redo the countertops and the floors”. This eventually led us to remodeling the entire kitchen. So I warn you. If you start looking at all the beautiful kitchens, you might get sucked in and want to do even more than you currently want to.

3. Understand which style is best for your home.

This was a very hard step for me. Our home is a colonial but it’s also remodeled to the point where you could consider it contemporary. However, there are a few rooms in our home that could be considered a mixture of both. Because we were so indecisive, we worked with the contractor to conjoin the two styles and create our own unique kitchen style.

The End

Yes, the whole thing was a lot more than we originally wanted to do but it ended up turning out great. I’m very happy with the new kitchen. It gives us tons of storage, it’s updated, and it makes it easier for the kids to reach certain things.