New Job, New Stella!

UPDATE: It’s finally official, we’ve merged with another SEO Company in NJ, digitalux! Very happy to share this announcement. Will be writing another post about the crazy month it’s been!

Many of you might not have known that I graduated from Stevens University (in Hoboken, NJ) with a BA in Marketing. After spending a few years working at an agency, I met my future husband. Once we had our first child, I decided to take some time off from work to raise him, giving up my job. Of course I absolutely love being a mother, but always wonder what my life would have been like if I stuck with my marketing career.

After purchasing this website to work on my writing and really getting into teaching myself WordPress, I learned more about a internet marketing and how it can help all types of businesses. Well, I was hooked! John let me redesign our company site a while back and I began learning about an industry called “Search Optimization” or SEO. It is a beautiful symmetry of science and art that comes together to help push websites up in search engines. I was amazed when I started learning more… Prior to my introduction to SEO, I always thought the search engine rankings were based on clicks (yes, I’m not the smartest cookie). Being a passionate person, I began reading more and more about this industry, learning about how everything worked together. John and I worked with some of our partners to help their websites grow (Halls’ sites). This leads me to what I’m very happy to announce… A family friend of ours saw the interest I had in this and decided to offer me a position at his brand new agency as Head of Content Marketing! Although I was not familiar with the term “content marketing” prior to our discussing, I was informed that it is basically what I am doing on the blog and on my personal blog. Since I also have experience with graphic design and SEO, it made me the perfect candidate :).

Even though I will technically be working two jobs, I am ecstatic to begin working on the projects lined up. Please feel free to check out our website here and my biography page!

P.S. That is my crazy/silly brother-in-law, James in the image above. I told him I would include that picture in my blog. Happy, James? 🙂