How to Get Rid of Hiccups the Right Way

getting rid of hiccups with a lollipop

My youngest son had the television on the other day and an interesting segment came up about a girl who invented a cure for hiccups and they’re lollipops. But the best part is she’s only 15 years old!

I was amazed.

I did a bit of digging and found out that her name is Mallory Kievman. Her whole company began when she was thirteen years old, searching for a way to get rid of hiccups after she was plagued with them for hours and hours at a time. This is a condition known as “chronic hiccups”, something I was unaware of until reading up on it.

What I found really touching about this story was the fact that she wants to use her invention to help people who, like her, want to stop hiccups. You see, hiccups are a spasm caused in your diaphragm. Your brain is basically telling your lungs to try to “reset” so that you can get more oxygen. Some common reasons for getting hiccups include drinking soda or eating food too fast – both inhibit your body from breathing oxygen. What you don’t often hear about is the many people who have hiccups after certain surgeries or patients receiving chemotherapy.

I was able to track down the video that inspired me to write this post. Check it out below!

After reading up on Mallory and Hiccupops, I did some more research on the other ways to treat hiccups. Previously, I only thought there were a few (holding your breath, spoonful of sugar) but after searching for over thirty minutes, I was astounded at the amount of hiccup remedies I was able to find – hundreds. Now, some seemed legitimate but others were downright funny.

I’ve collected my ten favorite below… Enjoy!

  1. Blow on your thumb.
  2. Sing loud and with heart.
  3. Scream for as long as you can.
  4. Make yourself gag.
  5. Drink a full glass of water.
  6. Sit down and hold your breath.
  7. Breath into a paper bag.
  8. Gargle with ice cold water.
  9. Pull out your tongue.
  10. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter.