Carpet Cleaning: What You Need To Know

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As someone who takes care of the housework for a big family, I can tell you that carpet cleaning may be the toughest to effectively do alone. Yes, I can wash the dishes, do the laundry, and even cut the grass (when the husband isn’t around). However, when it comes to cleaning the carpet, my stress levels go up. Why? It’s because it’s more than a chore. Taking out the giant carpet shampooer, buying expensive carpet shampoo/chemicals, setting everything up… It makes me tired just thinking about it! That’s why I’ve decided never to do it myself again and I have a special recommendation for all those out there who never want to be stressed out cleaning their carpets themselves again — Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey.

Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey is unique when it comes to carpet cleaning. How? Just check out their website and you’ll see. Everything is state of the art, from the tools they use to clean your carpet (which are professional-grade) to the way that they book your appointment. What’s more is that they have been in business for around 20 years (family owned). It’s this experience and dedication to their craft that has kept them at number one in the carpet cleaning world.

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey focuses on both cleaning and repair. As we have some pretty old oriental rugs that have been in the family for ages, their repair service can certainly come in handy.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that their prices are practically unbeatable. They are able to do this by creating an efficient workflow (not wasting any time while cleaning or repairing your carpet) and cutting out the middleman by not outsourcing their work. They note on their website that a portion of their staff are family members.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, a service that is very detail-oriented, you want to go with an organization that has proven themselves time after time. I implore you to check out some of their reviews online. You may be blown away by how impressed people are. Just listen to what one reviewer had to say…

“The first surprise with these folks was the fact they were not only on time, but were ready to get to cleaning right away. I didn’t think they could get my carpets cleaned the way they did & I gotta admit I was utterly shocked at the fact my carpets were cleaner then they were prior to family coming over.”

Beyond all of their experience and dedication to their customers, they have made the entire process of booking and tracking your order status easy with their website. Have a question? They are always available to answer it. And as the name implies, their carpet cleaning products are G-R-E-E-N, which makes my life, as a mother, much less stressful.

What’s more to say about Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey? If you’re thinking of getting your carpets cleaned, I highly recommend them! Be sure to check them out soon though because at the time of posting this they are giving 15% off when you book online.