Daily Harvest Review: Can This Smoothie Delivery Service Save You Time & Make You Healthier?


Smoothies are a big deal. In fact, they are now a $5 billion a year deal, according to Technomic, and are served up more than one million times each year. People love smoothies because they provide an easy way to consume a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables – and they taste great. With Daily Harvest, the smoothie market just got a little healthier.

Created by a busy mom looking to find simple and convenient ways to eat better, Daily Harvest delivers superfood smoothie ingredients to your door. With a mission of making fresh, organic ingredients – chiefly, fruits and vegetables – both accessible and convenient, this well-reviewed company delivers whole food smoothies, oats and soups to your freezer. Daily Harvest’s produce is picked and flash frozen within hours (rather than days or weeks, like some freezer-aisle produce) at its peak of quality, without adding any preservatives or sugar, to enhance nutrient density and flavor. All you have to do is open your freezer, add liquid, blend and enjoy. 

Daily Harvest offers about 25 flavor combinations of smoothies as well as chia parfaits, overnight oats and soup that can be delivered nationwide. Smoothie options include acai and cherry, apple and greens, and blueberry and hemp, among many others while overnight oats feature cinnamon protein and banana, pumpkin and chai, mulberry and dragonfruit. Featured soups include coconut and carrot, mushroom and miso, zucchini and black garlic. Customers receive nutritional and preparation information and suggestions for each product they order.

So, will this frozen superfoods’ delivery company save you time and make you healthier? Celebrities such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and tennis pro Serena Williams – both early investors – seem to think so. Other series A investors included Collaborative Fund, WME Ventures, 14W and Rubicon Venture Capital in addition to many angel investors. The company didn’t lack for investors interested in its unprocessed superfoods option for the freezer.

How much time will you save and how much healthier will you get?

Daily Harvest will definitely save you time. You won’t have to chop, measure, seal and store a variety of fruits and vegetables or worry about specific amounts or recipes. It is as simple as freezing, adding liquid and then blending. The company is dedicated to “creating modern food for the realities of the modern world,” according to CEO and founder Rachel Drori. You can use Daily Harvest foods for one more – or two or three – each day, depending on your level of interest and schedule.

If you see and admire beautiful food on friends Instagram and Facebook posts, you can enjoy that kind of mouth-watering flavor in just seconds with your superfood subscription.

As for the health benefits, they may also be notable.

For example, the pineapple and matcha smoothie is filled with manganese and vitamin C, fat-burning coconut and energizing matcha, a cousin to green tea. The smoothie offers a host of antioxidants and energy in just a few sips, according to the company.

In addition, the mango and golden milk chia parfait offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients designed to combat disease, lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. The cinnamon protein and banana overnight oats is packed with whole grains, organic ingredients and reishi mushroom, purported to strengthen the immune system and fight viral infections. Finally, the zucchini and black garlic minestrone soup is a superfood version of the classic, brimming with vitamins and minerals as well as fermented garlic which tastes sweeter and has more antioxidants than fresh.

Ultimately, fresh, nutritious ingredients in whole food form do a body good. Most nutritionists today recommend consuming more whole foods, particularly vegetables and fruits.

Naturally, the rest of your diet and lifestyle all play into how healthy you are and how good you feel. If you supplement your Daily Harvest subscription with more fruits and vegetables, lean protein and solid hydration as well as a regular exercise routine, then the subscription service may enhance your overall health and wellness. If you drink one healthy smoothie in the morning and follow it up with fast food for lunch and pizza for dinner, not to mention a stress-filled day in between, then you probably won’t realize extensive benefits.

Consumers today enjoy more and more healthy subscription options for eating and living well. Daily Harvest offers an innovative take on the market, and great flavor combinations for its hungry customers.