Another New Member – Everyone Meet Alicia!

Before I go off on how amazing my trip with John was (FYI, sorry for not posting in a while!), I would like to introduce a very special new addition to our Reynolds Fence family! Everyone meet Alicia!


She is a college friend of mine who recently moved here from frigid Chicago. In fact, she was the first girl I roomed with when I joined a sorority. Her, Steve Feldman, and I would always pull all-nighters in the old library on 4th Street. I am so glad her and her family decided to move to the NJ shore :).

Funny enough, she did the accounting and was the general manager at Steve’s Law Firm in Chicago. Since she’s already a part of the family and we are expanding rapidly since the merger, we decided to make her our full-time general manager at the North Jersey contracting office.

Again, super excited to have her aboard :).

Keep an eye out for pictures from the vacation in the next week or so!